Trade & Industry Affiliations

We’ve been around for a while. We also take pride in our reputation for delivering professional work with our customer’s best interests in mind. These trade and industry affiliations show how we strive to provide a professional, cost-effective solution our customers have known to trust.

Trade and Industry Affiliations


  • Local 51 & 51R: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts
  • Local 4: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Local 17: Sheet Metal, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Local 17: Sheet Metal, Rhode Island
  • Local 99: Electrical Workers, Rhode Island
  • Local 103: Electrical Workers, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Local 223: Electrical Workers, Southeast Massachusetts
  • Local 537: Pipefitters, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Local 669: Sprinkler Fitters, Massachusetts
  • Local 676: Sprinkler Fitters, Rhode Island and Connecticut
  • Local 777: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Connecticut