Avoid the Disaster of Frozen Pipes!

Frozen pipes that burst are a leading source of property damage and can be extremely costly.
Here are several steps that can be taken to avoid this disaster.

insulate pipesInsulate Vulnerable Pipes
Pipes on outside walls or in lower temperature spaces are most vulnerable to freezing. Pipe insulation is always a good idea. Use
pre-formed pipe sheaths or wrap the pipes in standard blanket style insulation.
Early leak detection systemEarly Leak Detection System
Install an automatic excess flow switch on the main incoming domestic water line. These systems can detect even the slightest leak when water pressure varies. They will automatically shut off flow to prevent major issues
Backup powerEnsure Backup Power
Keeping the building at a safe temperature is critical to avoid frozen pipes. Having a backup power source, such as a standby generator, will ensure that the building remains heated in the event of a power outage during cold weather.
Proper building insulationProper Building Insulation
Today’s industrial and commercial buildings are typically designed and constructed with advanced insulation materials. Older buildings, however, may require updating the insulation. Sealing gaps, crawl spaces, wall, and ceiling insulation can all help to keep pipes from freezing.

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