Brookside Equestrian Center

Photovoltaic System

Project Overview

The Brookside Equestrian Center has leased a portion of its 100-acre facility to the Virginia-based Washington Gas Company for the installation of a 1 megawatt solar farm. The energy produced by the Brookside Equestrian Center Photovoltaic (PV) System is distributed through National Grid’s existing electric network and provides service to the local area.

Project Specifications

Contract Amount: $326,000

Construction Manager: SolBright, LLC

Engineering Consultant: Construction Engineering Group

Facility Type: Commercial

Schedule: Winter 2015/2016

Project Location: North Smithfield, RI

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Services Provided

Photovoltaic system installation – high voltage distribution


Highlights / Achievements

Provided installation of high-voltage distribution conduit and wiring

Installed multiple transformers, switchboards, and PV system recombiners and combiner

Provided third party testing and National Grid witness testing

Value Delivered

Rayco-Arden, the electrical division of Arden Engineering Constructors, LLC, provided a team of  qualified electricians who successfully managed and installed the 1 megawatt high-voltage distribution system, which included close to 4,000 solar modules. This system produces 1.2 megawatts of DC electricity, which is converted to an AC system. Rayco-Arden worked with National Grid to provide the necessary testing and commissioning to ensure connectivity to their existing network.