FirstLight Power

Fire Alarm Upgrade

Project Overview

When FirstLight Power needed to upgrade the aging fire alarm and suppression systems at their 96 megawatt gas-fired power plant in Waterbury, CT, MJ Daly suggested the Fike CyberCat 254 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control System.

Project Specifications

Facility Type: Industrial Power Plant

Project Location: Waterbury, CT


Services Provided

Installation and continued maintenance of Fike CyberCat 254 Fire Alarm Control System

Testing and continued maintenance of fire suppression systems (Turbine CO2, Compressor CO2, and FM200)

Service and maintenance for all fire extinguishers

Gaseous clean agent service



By installing the Fike fire alarm system, FirstLight Power can now enjoy the added benefit of having one central control for both the fire alarm and (existing Fike) suppression systems.

After an initial review of the existing fire protection system, we were able to determine the areas of the space that were improperly protected due to low or ineffective fire detection.  These areas are now fully covered in case of fire.

Value Delivered

Fire alarm and suppression systems degrade naturally over time.  This can cause building owners to experience intrusive false alarms or costly shutdowns.  The state-of-the-art Fike CyberCat 254 Fire Alarm Control System will help FirstLight maintain peace of mind in knowing that their building is protected effectively.  The added benefit of a service agreement will also help FirstLight realize a return on their investment, as it will offset the cost of repetitive service calls and unnecessary shutdowns.