National Grid

Allens Avenue Filter Separator

Project Overview

National Grid is proposing to build a natural gas liquefaction plant at their Providence location.  This facility will ensure customers throughout the area have a safe and reliable source of natural gas for all their heating needs.  Arden Engineering was tasked with the installation of tail and inlet piping to ready existing systems for connection to new ones.

Project Specifications

Construction Manager: Bond Brothers

Facility Type: Industrial

Schedule: Winter 2016 – 2018

Project Location: Providence, RI

Services Provided

Inlet/Outlet Piping




Highlights / Achievements

Installation of tail gas and inlet piping for liquefaction plant

Installation of filter separator with inlet and outlet piping

Work requires specialized and certified down-hand pipe welding procedures and welder qualifications

Value Delivered

This scope of work required Arden’s dedicated staff and field crew to work extended hours to ensure aggressive project timelines were met.  Experienced welders needed specialized qualifications to work within a sensitive environment.