Fire Suppression System Installation

Project Overview

Pharmco-Aaper is a leading manufacturer of ethanol, high-purity chemicals, and sterile solvents.  The production of these chemicals requires specialized building conditions, as well as protections.  To safeguard the building and its occupants in the event of a fire, MJ Daly installed a state-of-the-art foam fire suppression system.

Project Specifications

Facility Type: Industrial Chemical Plant

Project Location: Brookfield, CT


Services Provided

Installation of Fike Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Suppression Control Sytem

Installation of foam suppression throughout tank farm

Continued service and maintenance for suppression system




By installing the Fike fire alarm and suppression systems, Pharmco can now enjoy the added benefit of having one central control for both the fire alarm and clean agent system (foam suppression).


Value Delivered

Fire alarm and suppression systems degrade naturally over time.  This can cause building owners to experience intrusive false alarms or costly shutdowns.  The state-of-the-art Fike Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Suppression Control System will allow Pharmco to maintain peace of mind in knowing that their building is protected effectively.  In the unlikely event of a fire, the highly sensitive areas of the plant will be protected with a clean agent which will decrease the changes of further destruction.