Providence College

Saint Dominic Chapel

Project Overview

Inspired by Dominican history and old world design, Saint Dominic Chapel at Providence College is a unique architectural gem at the center of campus. Building on a long-standing partnership, Arden Engineering was selected to manage the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of fire protection systems in this beloved building.

Project Specifications

Contract Amount: $150,000

Total Project Value: $ 6,700,000

Construction Manager: E. Turgeon Construction Corp.

Architect: Keefe Associates

Mechanical Engineer: Maguire Group

Facility Type: Higher Education

Facility Size: 110,000 sq. ft.

Schedule: Completed July 2001

Project Location: Providence, RI

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Services Provided

Design / Build

Fire Protection


Facilities Services

Highlights / Achievements

Managed all phases of design, construction, and maintenance of fire protection systems

“All wet” systems with water in pipes 100% of the time

Heat activation feature

Fast-track schedule to meet academic calendar

Maintained student safety and ensured minimal disruption to ongoing operations surrounding busy site

Value Delivered

Arden carefully designed and installed re-protection systems to ensure they were unobtrusive in every way. By creating casing to run around piping and alongside beams and joists, the team implemented an artful solution to maintain the Saint Dominic Chapel’s interior aesthetic.