BIG Boilers Arrive!

Very large boilers arrive in Lynn, MA

Corporate Mechanical is working in Lynn, Massachusetts at a Central Heating Facility undergoing major upgrades to its utility infrastructure system that drives their manufacturing campus. The facility expansion is to accommodate three new high-pressure boilers ranging from 1200 to 2200 HP which will generate 220 PSIG of saturated steam. This upgrade effort will support the….

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New South Boston Hotel

Crane lift for heat unit

Corporate Mechanical of New England Installs HVAC for New South Boston Hotel The hotel, still under construction, is located between West Broadway and Dorchester Avenue. The building is a total of 87,000 square feet, 14 stories tall with 156 rooms. Pictured above is delivery and rigging set-up to the Energy Recovery Unit, weighing 8,000 lbs…..

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Got Pollen? It’s Time to Clean Those Condenser Coils.

  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, the signs of spring are likely to make you cringe rather than rejoice.  With the warm weather and blooming flowers comes pollen, pollen, and more pollen.  Your eyes are itchy, you’re congested, your nose is running, and your efficiency may suffer. Your HVAC system feels your pain. Along….

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Our Fire Protection Experts Answer Your Questions

Having installed over two million sprinkler heads, we know a thing or two about fire protection and fire alarm systems. And while the ultimate goal is to never have to use your life-safety system, it is critical to keep it well maintained and up to date.  To that end , we’ve asked our fire protection….

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Is your fire protection system ready?

Each day, millions of us leave the comfort of our homes and head to work at hospitals, schools, office buildings, malls, etc. As we enter these facilities, the fire protection and sprinkler systems are most likely not the first things on our minds. In fact, we may think even less about the fact that our….

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