Person to Person Communication is Still the Key to Success

It’s interesting that despite all the advancements of technology in our industry, such as 3D or BIM design, CAD to direct fabrication software, electronic service work orders and estimating software for construction (all of which allow us to work remotely as individuals), a business’s growth, profitability and ultimately, customer loyalty depends on developing a proficiency in non-electronic communication with colleagues, customers, and vendors.

This “root” human need for personal interaction has not withered with advancements in technology. The latest, greatest, and most expensive estimating software, service, or sales tool is limited unless its user understands what the customer wants and needs and has the ability to create a viable solution for that customer.

This cannot always be done solely through email and electronic communication.

As technology draws us in and makes it easier for us to be an isolated individual communicating through computer screens and phones, make sure you look up once and a while and acknowledge your colleague, customer, or vendor. Eye to eye and voice to voice communication is as important as ever in understanding a customer and creating a long-lasting relationship.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your business and develop long-term customer loyalty by using good old fashion non-electronic person to person communication.