Fike Fire Solutions

We are an authorized dealer of Fike Fire Solutions.  Fike is a globally recognized manufacturer of products that protect people and critical assets from the dangers of fire, explosion, over-pressurization, and pressure activation.

Fire Alarm Systems


Fike offers a full range of technologically advanced fire alarm products that are fast, flexible, and offer accurate information you can rely on.  From a sophisticated fire alarm system to early warning detection, Fike provides a complete portfolio of quality products.

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Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems


Fike’s full range of fire suppression technology is available for commercial, industrial, and special hazard applications.  Fike systems are safe for people, key assets, facilities, and the environment.

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Video Detection


The state-of-the-art, camera-based SigniFire video smoke detection system visually detects the presence of flame or smoke at its source, independent of airflow in the area.

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Fire Detection


Fike offers a variety of detection options, including advanced air sampling, to meet the needs of different applications.

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Explosion Protection Technology


Fike offers a full line of explosion solutions, including isolation systems to prevent the propagation of flame, and flameless venting for safe, indoor venting without expensive ducting or limitations on equipment location.

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