Our Fire Protection Experts Answer Your Questions

Having installed over two million sprinkler heads, we know a thing or two about fire protection and fire alarm systems.

And while the ultimate goal is to never have to use your life-safety system, it is critical to keep it well maintained and up to date.  To that end , we’ve asked our fire protection experts to answer some common questions we have received from our clients in regard to updating their fire alarm systems.

QUESTION : How can I upgrade/replace my older fire alarm system at minimum cost?

ANSWER: By replacing just the panel and not the devices in the field (smoke detectors, pull stations, etc.) you can substantially reduce the cost of upgrading and/or replacing your fire alarm systems.

Most life-safety equipment suppliers have designed solutions with this in mind.  They have created addressable modules that can monitor generic, conventional smoke detectors, pull stations, and duct detectors that are already installed.  This dramatically reduces the costs associated with a fire alarm system upgrade by utilizing existing equipment and reducing the amount of labor needed.  If in decent condition, existing wiring run throughout the building can also be recycled and connected to the new fire alarm panel.  Fike Fire Alarms is one supplier that offers these addressable modules at an excellent value.


QUESTION:  How can I protect my property from fire without running wire or conduit all throughout my building?        

ANSWER:  Video detection is an effective way of protecting your property from the dangers of a fire without having to run wire or conduit throughout the entirety of your building.  State-of-the-art cameras can view the protected area and visually detect the presence of flame or smoke at the source, independent of air flow in the area.  The camera will then send a signal to a small fire panel that then contacts the local fire department.  These cameras can also be used for security.  Fike’s SigniFire Video Flame, Smoke, and Intrusion Detection Camera represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection, especially for challenging environments and open area venues.

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