South Street Landing Now Open

South Street Landing is officially open for business.

On October 27th, Brown University began relocating staff from 11 administrative units, currently residing in various buildings throughout Providence, to the top three floors of the six-story South Street Landing.  On the floors below, nursing students from Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island have settled into their first semester in the new facility, using state-of-the-art training equipment and enjoying open-air collaborative space.

Throughout the building, toilets are flushing, temperatures are stabilizing, lights are turning on and off, air is ventilating, and drinking water is flowing.  And for all of us at Arden Engineering, that is considered a job well done.

For the past two years, the South Street Landing Redevelopment Project, Rhode Island’s largest economic development of 2016, has also been one of our largest scopes of work, as we have had all trades, from electrical to sheet metal, on site daily.  The work consisted of three phases: Core/Shell, Nursing Education Complex, and Brown University Fit-out.  Of the three, the core and shell phase required the most attention to detail, as the timeline was quite aggressive and there was little to no lay-down area.  All material and prefabricated building components delivered each day had to be brought inside immediately.  And for the pieces needed to assemble the 1,100-ton water cooled chiller plant, that meant coming through a hole in the ceiling four stories up.

The completion of the South Street Landing Redevelopment Project marks the commencement of a new era for Providence’s famed Jewelry District.  Once a hub for manufacture, the area is now undergoing a renaissance that will hopefully pave the way for continued growth.  In that vein, the district has now been renamed the Providence Innovation and Design District.  And South Street Landing is just the beginning.  Projects on the horizon include a hotel, an apartment complex, and an innovation center.

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